Soundiron Featured Artist Interview

Special thanks to Sample library developer Soundiron and their Jan Hoeglund for inviting me to interview in their artist interview series over on there developer blog page.  I talked about a lot of topics from my recent SyFy Channel work on Planet Of The Sharks, to scoring Crooked Arrows, to what my workstation is like and my advice for young composers.  Check it out!  

Film Music Reporter mentions Planet Of The Sharks

The Film Music Reporter, one of the most extensive and up to date online news outlets exclusively for film and television music has reported on the up coming premiere of Planet Of The Sharks and even linked to the Planet Of The Sharks suite I put up on soundcloud last week.

Brian finishes Planet Of The Sharks score for SyFy Channel


Brian has finished scoring the SyFy Channel original movie Planet Of The Sharks.  The score was co-composed with Kays Al-Atrakchi similar to the previous film Awaken. The film also has the same director as Awaken, Mark Atkins.  So it is really an assembly of much of the same creative team.  Planet Of The Sharks will premiere on the SyFy channel, Wednesday July 27th at 9pm, EST as part of their "Shark Week" programming leading up to Sharknado 4.  

Another great review of the AWAKEN soundtrack!

Randall Larson's Soundtrax column over at gave the AWAKEN soundtrack another great review today.  This is the second positive review this week.  Of the score, Randall says...

AWAKEN is a splendidly listenable score on disk, with character, environment, and action cues that hold together nicely for listening apart from the film, developing through and across the story arc into a pleasing resolution at the end.

Film Music Magazine gives AWAKEN sdtk a great review.

Daniel Schwieger of Film Music Magazine gave the AWAKEN soundtrack a great review in this month's column.  Of the score he says, 

Ralston and Al-Atrakchi (“Extreme Force”) give “Awaken” a mean, melodic, sample-driven structure that nicely recalls the synth, and often pan flute topped-sound of “Awaken’s” 80’s indie revenge antecedents like “Deadly Prey,” a spirit that’s since been carried on with liberated fury by “Relentless Justice” and “Camino.