Brian's music returns to the stage with...THE MONK

The Monk (Exit Theatre, San Francisco, 2008) From one of the most influential horror novels of all time … Lust. Power. Deception. And lots of labyrinthine plot twists. Brian's music returns to the stage this month for the stage play THE MONK at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco presented by NO NUDE MEN PRODUCTIONS. Brian last worked in theatre in 2003 on the staged musical SnEauX! - The SINsational Gothic Figure Skating Musical at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles where Brian served as the orchestrator and arranger for that musical.

For THE MONK, Brian was approached by longtime friend and collaborator Lisa Fowle ( about working with her on the music for the show. Lisa was already on board for the show's sound design and music. Brian's music is dark, classical and gothic inspired with a little inspiration from Enya and other celtic like qualities. (See the music page for show excerpts).

The play revolves around a Spanish monk, Ambrosio (Ryan Hayes), whose life is crossed by a pair of young women: the tragic nun Agnes (Lisa Swanson) and the impoverished aristocrat Antonia (Margery Fairchild), both of whom will be key in the arrogant cleric's fall from grace. As Ambrosio is guided down a path of dissolution by a mysterious beauty named Matilda (Cassie Powell), the story weaves in and out of the quest for Antonia's hand by the handsome cavalier Lorenzo (James Tinsley) and the desperate search by Don Raymond (Cordell Wesselink) for the missing mother of his child. Along the way, ghosts and demons intervene, bandits attempt murder on hapless travelers, and nothing short of the Spanish Inquisition turns up for the finale.

THE MONK will play at the Exit Theatre in downtown San Francisco Thursday Oct. 9th (preview) then Friday and Saturday nights thru NOV 22. Tickets: $10 first weekend, $15 - $20 subsequent performances. For reservations email or call 415-994-1367.

THE MONK, Exit Theatre, San Francisco, 2008