Another "secret" film in the can


On Sunday July 28th I had my live orchestra stream I previously posted about. At 10am on Monday July 29th I dived in on a different project and started scoring an amazing film that I never saw coming, but am so honored and excited to be a part of. Time for us was short. The last three weeks my life was pretty much like the following. 

- Start in the studio at 10am with the director coming over to collaborate.  
-The director would leave sometime after dinner (although often around midnight).
- Then continue till I couldn’t any more (3-4am).  
- Rinse and repeat. Day in and day out. We even had live sessions in there. Though it is now all a blur. 

Last night the score was delivered. 

It is always bittersweet in that I am so excited for the film, but it will likely take months to a year or two before the public sees what we have created. But believe will see this film commercially one day...big time. It will move you and do things you have never seen. To my new friends and colleagues, congratulations on a job well done! Bravo! 

Orchestra Scoring Session Live Stream from Hollywood...

I have composed a suite of music as a demo for a big project I am very passionate about. On July 28th, we recorded the demo music with a live AFM orchestra here in LA and as an aside streamed that session to the world to see (although the exact project this is for I am keeping close to my chest for now). It was fun after seeing the live chat stream comments on YouTube of folks guessing what this was all for.

So thankful for the amazing session at the new Hollywood Scoring stage. Thank you to my orchestrator Ryan Humphrey, recordist / engineer Adam Michalak, Contractor Noah GladstoneMichael Patti managing the Live stream, Thanh Tran for the amazing copy work, mixer Lisa Fowle for being my extra ears in the booth and perhaps even most important, the amazing musicians of AFM Local 47 bringing this music to life and breathing the humanity into these notes. Blessed and excited. 

The 2hr live stream of the session can be accessed on replay at any time at this link. 

FYI: -I “greet” the live stream viewers around 10min in.  
- And then the stream intentionally goes silent for about 8 minutes while I talk with the orchestra. 
- Sound comes back around the 19 minute mark of the stream where we begin the actual session. I have linked the video to start at the 19min mark to cut out the early non-music stuff for any replay viewers.

Link for the session anyone can watch on replay at:


Extensive Interview on Cinematic Sounds Radio out of the UK


I recently had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the Cinematic Sounds Radio show about my composing journey. It is quite an extensive interview to the point where they split the conversation into two shows. Both parts play extensive music cues intercut between interview segments. It is a fantastic show and I invite folks to check it out. There is even some currently unreleased music played at the end of the show from one of my latest projects.

Chat with the "Hooked On Score" podcast


Had a great time recently speaking with Benjamin Moy on his Hooked On Score podcast. The show just posted this week. We chatted a bit about my scoring process and a little on the future of SCOREcast podcast. Thank you Benjamin for having me on your show and thanks to Sabrina Hutchinson and Kelly Wilson at Defiant Public Relations.

Brian was a guest on The Amani Experience Podcast

I have been talking with some cool podcasts and shows lately about my work on BEING ROSE and recently was a guest on a podcast called The Amani Experience. What made this discussion interesting and different to me was Amani wanted to delve into my science and medical background and what ultimately made me switch to media composing. Amani’s show focuses on individuals who once had a more traditional career path but then transitioned into the arts as a career. This discussion is MUCH more about philosophically navigating the entertainment industry (and any artist career) than anything else. Truly had a great time visiting his show. Thank you Amani for having me on your wonderful show.


KUSC 91.5 FM - Interview with John Van Driel


Last week I had the distinct honor of being interviewed by chief content director John Van Driel on KUSC 91.5 FM for his classical music morning radio show about my score for Being Rose and also my film composing journey. 

They have now archived the interview online. Feel free to check it out. Major thank you to John Van Driel for a wonderful discussion and to Sabrina Hutchinson and team at Defiant PR.

Composer Brian Ralston with KUSC Chief Content Director and Classical Morning show host John Van Driel.

Composer Brian Ralston with KUSC Chief Content Director and Classical Morning show host John Van Driel.

Being Rose Soundtrack Composer Commentary on The Annotator, Ep 65

Being Rose sdtk cover.jpg

I recently participated in one of the coolest things I have had the distinct pleasure to do with one of my scores. Thank you to Christopher Coleman for the opportunity to participate in a “composer commentary” on The Annotator, Episode 65 with 9 cues from my Being Rose score where I was able to add commentary on top of some of my cues, discussing how I managed not being able to record with any of my musicians simultaneously in the same room; how I used specific instruments to represent the two main characters as well as the two main threads of the film: the love story and central character’s spiritual journey.

Society of Composers & Lyricists screening of Being Rose


Cordially invites SCL Members and one guest to a
screening of the Tesoro Pictures/Gravitas Ventures film

Followed by a Q&A with
Executive Producer

Film Music Journalist - NPR, LA Times

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Lionsgate Screening Room
2700 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404 

Validated underground garage parking.
Take elevator to first floor lobby, theater is off the lobby entrance.

***Limited capacity - RSVP asap***

After being diagnosed with serious health issues, ex-cop Rose Jones (Cybill Shepherd), goes on a road trip in a wheelchair to search for her estranged son. Along the way, she falls in love with Max (James Brolin), a handsome old cowboy, who has come to a crossroads of his own.
not rated | 89 min.


Los Angeles-based composer and conductor Brian Ralston has spent the past 15 years creating compelling, heart-pounding, uplifting, and beautifully melodic tracks that delight and inspire audiences. His creative gifts lend themselves to an extremely rich and beautiful sound that can not only be seen, but felt throughout his works.

After studying film music composition and conducting at the University of Arizona under film/TV composer Jeff Haskell, Ralston completed graduate level work in the Scoring for Motion Pictures & Television program from the University of Southern California in 2002. His studies and musical background sparked an extraordinary desire to enhance the heart of a film’s narrative with the language of music.

Ralston is best known for his work on the film score for Crooked Arrows, the first mainstream Hollywood movie about lacrosse, starring Brandon Routh and Gil Birmingham, directed by Steve Rash. The score reflects richly thematic melodies set against the thrill of victory and the pains of defeat in the action-packed sports drama, which has won him much praise within the film community. Most recently, Ralston worked on the intimate score to the dramatic love story Being Rose, which will hit theaters nationwide January 2019.