Selected Film / TV / Musical Credits:

2016        -         "Planet Of The Sharks" - SyFy Channel Feature Film.

                -          TEN MORE  - (Dir. Brad Riddell) - Short Film

2015        -         "AWAKEN" - (Starr.  Daryl Hanna, Natalie Burn, Edward Furlong, Robert Davi) - Feature Film.   

                           Archstone Productions  (dir. Mark Atkins)

                -         UR IN ANALYSIS - (dir. Bernie Gewissler, starr. Mickey Gooch, Randy Wayne, Michael Weston) - TV Pilot

2013        -         "Majora's Mask" - Fantasy Short film.   Machinema 

                           (dir. Jared Potter)

                -         "Private Dancer" a NYC based play  (dir. Bob Degus)

                -         "Negotiating Identities" film within the play called Private Dancer (dir. Bob Degus)

                          Opens at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row in NY, late November 2013. 

2012        -         CROOKED ARROWS - 20th Century Fox, Branded Pictures Entertainment, Feature
                           (dir. Steve Rash , starr. Brandon Routh,  Gil Birmingham,  Crystal Allen)

2011   -         BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES - Sci-Fi Channel Feature
    (dir. Mark Atkins )

                -         VOYAGER - Short Film
                            (dir. Jared Potter)

2009        -        DON'T FADE AWAY - New Films International, 35mm Feature
                            (dir. Luke Kasdan , starr. Beau Bridges,  Mischa Barton,  Ryan Kwanten)

2008        -        GRADUATION - Magnolia Pictures, 35mm Feature
                            (dir. Mike Mayer , starr. Adam Arkin,  Chris Marquette
                                  Shannon Lucio,  Chris Lowell,  Riley Smith)


2006         -       9/TENTHS OF THE LAW - Film Medici, 35mm Feature
                            (dir. Bob Degus , starr. Gabrielle Anwar,  Henry Ian Cusick)
                            WINNER! "Gold Medal For Excellence" - Best Music in A Feature Film
                                            Park Cit y Film Music Festival 2007

2005         -       THE RECE!PT - 35mm Comedy Short Film
                            (dir./wtr. Tim Garrick, starr. Dina MeyerKristen Bell),
                             WINNER! of two AURORA AWARDS - PLATINUM BEST OF SHOW
                                 *BEST ORIGINAL SCORE - Brian Ralston
                                 *SOUND DESIGN - Lisa Fowle
                             WINNER! "BEST COMEDY AWARD" Los Angeles International Short Film Festival
                             WINNER! "BEST SHORT - Audience Award" Breckenridge Festival Of Film 2005
                             WINNER! "Gold Medal For Excellence" - Original Score - Park Cit y Film Music Festival
WINNER! "BEST SHORT" - Cinequest Online Viewers Voice 2006

2004          -      Probably Illegal Productions - Production Co. Logo

                   -      SUPERGROUP - Short Film
                            (dir. Kerry Harris, Starr. Mark Blum),

2003          -      SnEauX! - Staged Musical
                            (dir. Andy Fickman, starr. Kristen Bell),

                                  Orchestration, Arrangements & Musical Underscore

2002           -     "ANGEL" (Season 4) - TV Series
                            (exec. prod. Joss Whedon), Additional Music, composer

2000           -     EMPTY SHELL - 16mm Short Film
                            (Prod. Cyndee Wing), 

1999            -     PAULINE - 16mm Short Film
                            (dir. Kristie Emerson), 

1999            -     OUT OF THE ASHES - 16mm Documentary, composer


Selected Concert Works:

2006           -     "Weather The Storm" - Original Marching Band show comissioned by Washington High School, Phx, AZ.

2001           -      Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - Comissioned Wind Ensemble piece
                                 Based on Howard Shore's Film Score

2000           -     Soliloquy For Trumpet - Chamber work.  

                                commissioned for Solo Bb Trumpet, Cello & Piano.

1999            -     Theme to "PAULINE" - Solo Piano Piece based on Pauline film score.



2001-2002           -           The University of Southern California
                                            Scoring For Motion Pictures & Television Program

1997-2000           -           The University of Arizona
                                            Film Music Composition & Conducting

1992-1997           -           The University of Arizona
                                            Biochemistry B.S. (long story)


Instruments: (All styles)

Trumpet (Bb & C), Flugelhorn, Piano, Vocal (High Baritone), Conductor (Classically Trained)


PRO Affiliation: BMI, Inc.