Soliloquy For Trumpet

For Chamber Ensemble (Bb Trumpet, Violoncello, Piano)

Soliloquy For Trumpet was commissioned by a college friend for his senior trumpet recital at the University Of Arizona.  When someone wrestles with a temptation, two miniature versions of himself, an Angel and a Devil, sit on each shoulder and try to pull him in different directions.  This is the concept and inspiration for the piece.  The violoncello and the piano are the Devil and Angel respectively, pulling the trumpet in different directions while it wrestles with its thoughts.  

There are many mute changes for the trumpet player which add a variety of textures and voices to the overall conversation.  The 6 minute piece can be somewhat challenging for the trumpet not in terms of technicality, although 6 sharps for the trumpet is a rather devilish key to play in, but in terms of endurance on the longer notes and melodies throughout the piece.  A player will have more success with the piece if programming it on the front half of their program when their lips are more fresh, as opposed to the back half when they are already tired.  

Instrumentation / Technical Details:

  • Bb Trumpet
  • Violoncello
  • Piano


Purchase or Rent:

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Soliloquy For Trumpet Conductor Score (11x17)

Soliloquy for Trumpet is a 6+ minute chamber work for Trumpet, Violoncello and Piano.  Many chamber pieces are performed without a conductor, but rather by the musicians cueing off each other throughout the piece.  The price of this conductor score is priced accordingly.

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General Info:

Year (s) Completed:  1999

Duration:  6 min  13 sec


The University of Arizona                                                                           John Kras, Trumpet - Senior Recital, April 1999