Private Dancer to open in NY, December 5, 2013

In celebration and in anticipation of the NY premiere of Private Dancer…the cinema inspired stage play about Rita Hayworth for which I composed the music…for a limited time, I will be sharing with everyone some of the cues from the production over the next couple weeks. 

This cue is from the Overture to the production.  All of the "Golden Era" films of Hollywood have the credit sequences at the front of the film with music score overtures composed to play with them. For this production…a filmed overture with credits was created to reflect that style and era of Hollywood. And thus…this cue was born. The music was composed in a style reflective of the time and performed by the wonderful Hollywood Studio Symphony. (A group chosen not only for their performance expertise, but symbolically because they would have also been the group performing on all of Rita Hayworth's films from the era). 

A soundtrack release is off at the pressing plant and until then, the tracks will remain up. Once released in December, the tracks will come down for a while. Please feel free to listen and enjoy! I am very proud of these cues and am excited to share them with the world.