Private Dancer Soundtrack CD available now!


   The Soundtrack for the play Private Dancer is available for purchase as of today from Perseverance Records. It will also be sold at the theatre venue in NY. While much of the score is from the film shown within the play…there is some music that we did separately for the live stage play and it is very different in style. 

   Rita Hayworth was of Spanish decent. Before her stardom as the actress we all know…she tried to make it as a Spanish Dancer, but failed. It was her tumultuous relationships with her husband Edward Judson and subsequent support from Columbia Pitures president Harry Cohen who white washed the Spanish heritage from her to make her the American actress "girl-next-door" we all know. Such were the politics of the industry in the 1950s. 

   To infuse her Spanish heritage into the live acted portion of the show…we did all flamenco inspired music. This music is also portrayed on the sdtk album as well. This cue below is from a scene in the play where Rita is shown rehearsing for her famous Dance Of The Seven Veils scene from the film Solomé. The music is original…not from the film. But we took the opportunity to do some flamenco inspired tracks. Music is performed and arranged by the incredible Chris Burton Jacomé who I had previously worked with on the 9/Tenths score. Enjoy!