Brian's film music played on WWSN radio in UK


WWSN radio in the UK has a show (you can stream online)…called The Score Zone with Darren Power where they play nothing but music for film, television and video games. On tonight's show (Jan 28th, 2014)…they will be playing some of my film music from various films and projects. Tune in to check it out…or if you re reading this after the fact, you can download and stream the show from their archives as well. It is always great to see shows like this that support the music we create. Thank you Darren for that support of what we do!

The live show is at: 
03:00 GMT
22:00 EST (10pm)
19:00 PST (7pm)

Show's webpage with show links:

Show's Facebook group page:

On the Facebook group you will find play lists under the files tab.