Private Dancer SDTK review (NY Examiner)

Danny Gonzalez of the NY Film Examiner recently reviewed the Private Dancer soundtrack CD on Perseverance Records, giving it positive reviews and a thumbs up.

A Solid noir suite is a great reason to get this album showcasing the talents of Brian Ralston.
Perseverance’s album is very interesting and unique much like the label is and it mostly is a showcase for Brian Ralston’s talents which is a great thing because he’s really becoming a composer to watch out for and if “Negotiating Identities” was a full blooded score for a major film, we’d be talking about a breakout score and one day, we probably will see that. This album will definitely be the inspiration for it without a doubt and for the time being, you can enjoy it on its’ own merits...As a whole, it is a very intriguing album that truly displays the talents of its’ composer who really has a solid career ahead. A positive experience and (mainly) because of “Negotiating Identities.