AWAKEN now available on DVD and Digital HD & Great Review

AWAKEN is now released and available on DVD and Digital HD.  So...if you want the HD version, you will have to buy it digitally from iTunes, Amazon Digital, Vudu or another digital streaming outlet.  The DVD is in stores and available most anywhere including Walmart, Best Buy or via online purchase again from



The world's largest home theater enthusiast internet forum, the posted a great review of the film and made mention of the 1980's action film feel AWAKEN has with its cast.

Of the music score, they said, "Effectively adding to the 1980s vibe is the score by Kays Al-Atrakchi and Brian Ralston, which is reminiscent of the work the late James Horner created early in his career for Roger Corman on films such as Humanoids from the Deep and The Lady in Red."