Scoring video from Is Someone There? at Warner Bros.

I recently finished scoring a little horror thriller short film that I am also producing and thought I would share a little glimpse of how that was all put together. So here is a performance video of that suite. Honored to be able to record this with LA's finest musicians at the Warn Bros Eastwood stage. Thank you to all the amazing musicians and WB stage crew and everyone else that has supported this project. Enjoy!

Score suite to the Horror/Thriller short film "Is Someone There?" 

-Music composed and conducted by Brian Ralston.

- Orchestrated by Ryan Humphrey and Brian Ralston.
- Score Recordist Adam Michalak.
- Score Mixer Damon Tedesco
- ProTools Engineer Tom Hardisty
- Score Tech Engineers Ryan Robinson.
- Eastwood Stage Crew Richard Wheeler.
- Eastwood Stage Manager Jamie Olvera.
- Music Editor Marc Perlman.
- Contractor Noah Gladstone at Hollywood Scoring. 
- Score Coordinator Elisa Rice.
- Scoring Assistant Evita Wagner
- Score Videographer David Spates
- Recorded at the Warner Bros Eastwood Scoring Stage August 10, 2018.
- Performed by members of the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra, AFM Local 47.