Orchestra Scoring Session Live Stream from Hollywood...

I have composed a suite of music as a demo for a big project I am very passionate about. On July 28th, we recorded the demo music with a live AFM orchestra here in LA and as an aside streamed that session to the world to see (although the exact project this is for I am keeping close to my chest for now). It was fun after seeing the live chat stream comments on YouTube of folks guessing what this was all for.

So thankful for the amazing session at the new Hollywood Scoring stage. Thank you to my orchestrator Ryan Humphrey, recordist / engineer Adam Michalak, Contractor Noah GladstoneMichael Patti managing the Live stream, Thanh Tran for the amazing copy work, mixer Lisa Fowle for being my extra ears in the booth and perhaps even most important, the amazing musicians of AFM Local 47 bringing this music to life and breathing the humanity into these notes. Blessed and excited. 

The 2hr live stream of the session can be accessed on replay at any time at this link. 

FYI: -I “greet” the live stream viewers around 10min in.  
- And then the stream intentionally goes silent for about 8 minutes while I talk with the orchestra. 
- Sound comes back around the 19 minute mark of the stream where we begin the actual session. I have linked the video to start at the 19min mark to cut out the early non-music stuff for any replay viewers.

Link for the session anyone can watch on replay at: