9/TENTHS World Premiere at Sedona Film Festival 2006

9 TenthsThe gripping independant feature 9/TENTHS will world premiere at the Sedona International Film Festival in Sedona, AZ, Feb. 23-26, 2006. Brian will be attending the festival premiere screenings.

From the Sedona Film Festival Website: "Lovers of independent films will celebrate the best in cinematic art, amid unparalleled scenic beauty, Feb. 23-26 in Sedona, Arizona. The occasion is the 12th annual Sedona International Film Festival & Workshop, named the “Fest to Impress” by MovieMaker Magazine and a top 100 destination for the American Bus Association. This year’s extravaganza promises to be bigger and better than ever... Already recognized by filmmakers and audiences as one of the top festivals in the nation, the 2006 edition will continue a tradition of honoring those whose love for making timely, moving films drives them. The festival honors filmmakers motivated by passion for their art, not box office revenues."

Sedona Film festival 9/TENTHS will screen twice at the festival in Sedona's largest 275 seat theatre. The prime screening times are as follows:

1. Friday Feb 24th, 9:45PM - Harkins Sedona 6 Theatres - Theatre 2 2. Saturday Feb 25th, 8:30PM - Harkins Sedona 6 Theatres - Theatre 2

9/TENTHS Film synposis... "Sometime in the not too distant future. Terrorist attacks continue to escalate. Cities are the primary targets.

William and his wife Jessica, flee the city seeking safety. Upon reaching their newly purchased ranch, in the middle of nowhere, they discover, Elias a Mexican ranch hand already living there. Just as the property dispute escalates to a dangerous level, a massive terrorist attack causes widespread, catastrophic destruction - the world, as they know it, no longer exists.

The film takes a brutal, unflinching look at mankind stripped bare of the thin veneer of social convention. It is a daring, bold, often painful journey into the darkness of our primal, carnal selves. "

9/Tenths is directed by Bob Degus (Pleasantville) and stars Gabrielle Anwar (Scent Of A Woman, The Three Muskateers), Henry Ian Cusick ("Lost", "24", Half Light) and Dave Ortiz (The Crow-Wicked Prayer).