Another great review from the NY Film Music Examiner

Reviewer Danny Gonzalez of the New York Film Music Examiner just posted another great review of the Crooked Arrows soundtrack CD.  He compared Brian's score to Trevor Rabin's "Remember The Titans" and said, "This is definitely an inspiration of a score like "Remember The Titans", but it is completely original and Ralston's work is just as good as Trevor Rabin on that level."

"The album is one of the more engaging and surprisingly solid ones of 2013. I can easily see way people were raving about Brian Ralston's score and they were right on the money on this one. "Crooked Arrows" a solid stand out this year. Thumbs up!"

Here is the link to the entire review: 


Crooked Arrows Soundtrack gets glowing review...


The Crooked Arrows soundtrack release received a glowing review from Film Music Magazine and was also listed as one of their top picks for the month of August.  Of Brian's score, reviewer Daniel Schweiger said,

"Ralston’s richly thematic score is full of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, music that keeps excellent track of the emotional plays at hand, all with electronic writing for suspense and meditation that’s equally as effective.  But it’s the percussive, and wind-borne tradition of American Indian music that really sends “Crooked Arrows” soaring, with drums and winds evoking the game as far more of a contest of honor than scoring points, dutifully avoiding “Indian” music clichés all the while."


"But just when you might think Ralston’s approach is going to be all noble native, he throws in honkytonk and a heavy metal rock guitar to give the score the thoroughly modern, and rebellious attitude of its young team members who go from zeroes to heroes. It’s this kind of constantly surprising depth and sense of sports adventure that will hopefully let “Crooked Arrows” fly Ralston straight, and deservedly into the big leagues with his terrific score that’s seemingly shot out of from nowhere."

The full review can be found at the Film Music Magazine's website here.  (  It is the third CD soundtrack reviewed down the page.

Crooked Arrows CD Signing at Dark Delicacies

This past week, Brian participated in a CD signing of his new Crooked Arrows soundtrack release with Perseverance Records at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA.  Brian was honored to be sitting next to so many other composers from the label whose work he deeply respects.  Other composers at the signing event included Craig Safan (The Last Starfighter), Peter Bernstein (The Puppetmaster), Richard Sherman (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins), David Williams, Edwin Wendler (The Escape), Mader (The Wedding Banquet), Paul Hertzog (Bloodsport), David Williams (The Prophecy I & II) and many more.  Limited autographed copies of the score are available if purchased from the Perseverance Records online store.

Behind The Score of Crooked Arrows

Here is a "Behind The Score" segment on Brian's Crooked Arrows score.  Brian discusses his process in scoring the film along with footage from the recording sessions with the acclaimed Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra. Brian also gives some advice for aspiring young film composers.  Have a look. 

A "behind the scenes" look into scoring the film Crooked Arrows. Composer Brian Ralston discusses film scoring in general, his process and even gives some advice for aspiring young composers.

Official Crooked Arrows Soundtrack announced

An official CD soundtrack for Brian's score to Crooked Arrows has been announced by the specialty soundtrack label Perseverance Records.  Brian has spent the last couple months working on the definitive release of his score with all new stereo mixed and mastered tracks.  There are 33 tracks total on the album totally approximately 45 minutes of music from the score.  Crooked Arrows was performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra and recorded in Los Angeles in march of 2012.  The soundtrack can be ordered from the labels website at or at a variety of the online soundtrack specialty stores such as and  The first 50 copies sold from Perseverance Records will be autographed by Brian.

A Promotional "trailer" for the soundtrack was released by Perseverance Records and can be seen below.

Brian's music featured at ATA Taekwondo World Expo 2013


Brian composed original music for the ATA Taekwondo World Expo 2013 taking place this week in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Verizon Arena.  Most of what Brian contributed can be seen towards the end of the week long Expo and competition at the ATA World Ceremony on Saturday, July 13, 2013, 7pm.  Music was composed for a film shot for the conference attendees, other competition videos and the new World Expo parade.  Tickets to the event can be purchased through ticketmaster.  The 2013 World Ceremony will not be broadcast live, however a replay will be available steaming for free shortly after the ceremony through the website. 

Brian featured on MOTU's website from NAMM 2013.

Brian had the opportunity to speak with the guys at MOTU at the 2013 NAMM trade show in Anaheim, CA.  Brian uses MOTU's Digital Performer software to compose his film scoring work along with various audio hardware devices from MOTU in his Los Angeles studio.  The floor interview with MOTU's Matt LaPoint (seen below) was also featured on MOTU's company website report from the show...along with interviews from other key MOTU users like Marc Mann (Danny Elfman collaborator), composer David Schwartz (Arrested Development), Prince Keyboardist Morris Hayes, and bassist/producer Warren McRae

Crooked Arrows DVD/Blu-Ray on October 23rd from Fox


The Crooked Arrows DVD/Blu-Ray disc will be released by 20th Century Fox in North America on October 23rd, 2012.  Pre-orders are available from most all major retailers and

The Crooked Arrows movie website is offering a special deal of 25% off any additional LAX S.W.A.G. if you pre-order the film through their website and enter the code "25offlaxswag".  They will also deliver the disc to you a few days before the October 23rd release date.

Sony/Columbia Pictures picked up the film for all international territories and the international release dates (Theatrical and home video) have yet to be announced but are in the works. 

Photos from Crooked Arrows orchestra session.


Brian has completed his work on scoring the film Crooked Arrows.  The film will have a limited theatrical release on May 18th in some specific lacrosse focused markets and then on June 1st...the film will be released in hundreds of theaters nationwide. Brian conducted his score, performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony orchestra and it was recored at The Bridge Recording in Glendale, CA.  Photos from the orchestra session are below.

If you would like to read more, the official film website is at: and if you would like to help spread the word to your facebook friends, the film's facebook page is at: