GRADUATION Theatrical Release and DVD by Magnolia Pictures

GRADUATION DVD cover artSo...this info is a long time in the making, as the fine details have been constantly changing. But...without further adieu (because the 'go ahead' to post the info has been passed along)... Magnolia Pictures

GRADUATION is being released theatrically in limited/selected U.S. cities by Magnolia Pictures in association with Redwood Palm Pictures this May 2, 2008. The only theatres that will be showing the film are select Landmark Theatres. (Landmark's website only lists one theater now if you go there to look...but that will change as the release date gets closer). The film will screen in digital DLP projection and 5.1 surround at the theaters chosen.


San Francisco, CA Berkley, CA Seattle, WA Austin, TX Minneapolis, MN

There will be a premiere screening at a location TBD in San Francisco on Thursday May 1, 2008.

Whether the film plays longer than 1 week or expands to other cities for a second weekend or not is entirely up to you the audience and the ticket sales at the initial theaters chosen, etc...

In a quick turnaround effort to still hit the graduation time frame this year...Magnolia Home Entertainment will release the DVD of GRADUATION on May 13th, 2008.

It is a full featured DVD with a commentary track, deleted scenes, alternate opening to the film, storyboard segment, blooper reel, etc...As well as Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and a direct digital transfer from the HD-SR film master. It looks and sounds amazing. Brian's friend Lisa Fowle did a wonderful job on the sound design and special sound mix for the home theater version of the film.

GRADUATION DVD cover artThe DVD has been sold through to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Blockbuster Video, Hollywood Video, Netflix,, DVD, and more retailers. should be able to buy it pretty much anywhere on May 13th, 2008.

There will be a new trailer soon which will be up at Apple's iTunes/QuickTime website. And, there also some new websites you might want to check out (with more to go online soon).


Go out and see the film folks! Or at least buy it. It is a great, fun indie film. You won't be sorry.