Brian completes score to DON'T FADE AWAY

New Films International

Brian just completed scoring the dramatic feature film DON'T FADE AWAY directed by Luke Kasdan.  The film stars Mischa Barton, Ryan Kwanten, Ja Rule and Beau Bridges.  The film currently is being represented by New Films International.


Life was easy for Jackson White. With looks, brains, and athletic ability, the world's possibilities seemed limitless. But, when he came to New York City to pursue a career in the music industry, he was so seduced by money and status that he lost track of who he was. Now, with both his personal and professional lives on the edge of ruin, he's been called home to care for his dying father. While in North Carolina, he'll have to confront the friends he lost track of and the girl he never met.

DFA Sound Mix

Brian was brought in very late in the post process to score the film.  In fact, Brian had only 5 days to write and record the score for the film.  The film's sound mix was completed this past week at the Wow & Flutter dub stage in Santa Monica, CA.  Look for the film to hit the festival circuit later this year and probably see a commercial release in 2010.