Brian is the new co-host on the SCOREcast Podcast!

It was recently announced that Brian will be joining

DEANE OGDEN (IMDb) as co-host for the successful and steadily growing SCOREcast Podcast.  Brian has already been contributing articles to the website.

is a working community of film and television professionals dedicated to providing relevant news, opinion, commentary, and editorial about our business to the professional film production community. It's core aim is to inform and educate the film community on the re-sophistication of the business and craft of making music for film and television.  Its team of contributing editors consists of working professional television and film composers, orchestrators, music editors, re-recording mixers, film music recordists, and composer assistants.

In addition to the website articles and information, DEANE OGDEN started a monthly podcast show in 2007.  Ogden had enlisted the help of veteran film and television composer LEE SANDERS (IMDb) to co-host the SCOREcast podcast, and expand the SCOREcast reach to other forms of digital communication.  After early integration into the iTunes family of podcasts, SCOREcast rapidly became one of the most listened-to film music-centric podcasts on the Internet. In August of 2007, after back-to-back turns on iTunes’ Featured Top 20 list, two of America’s top universities incorporated the SCOREcast podcast into the “recommended resources” for their film music certification program curricula. By January 2008, the SCOREcast listener base on iTunes reached upwards of 6,000 people worldwide.  They have completed 26 podcast shows to date.  Due to a busy and hectic schedule, Lee Sanders has stepped aside from his co-hosting responsibilities and Brian is thrilled and excited to be stepping in as the new co-host of the show with Deane.  

Today, the SCORECAST podcast broadcasts regularly from iTunes, and is heard by tens of thousands of people worldwide. SCORECASTONLINE.COM serves as the main companion to the podcast, and has become the Internet’s leading hub of interactive discussion for the professional film and television music communities, with over 40,000 unique visits per day by people all around the globe.