Crooked Arrows Soundtrack gets glowing review...


The Crooked Arrows soundtrack release received a glowing review from Film Music Magazine and was also listed as one of their top picks for the month of August.  Of Brian's score, reviewer Daniel Schweiger said,

"Ralston’s richly thematic score is full of the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, music that keeps excellent track of the emotional plays at hand, all with electronic writing for suspense and meditation that’s equally as effective.  But it’s the percussive, and wind-borne tradition of American Indian music that really sends “Crooked Arrows” soaring, with drums and winds evoking the game as far more of a contest of honor than scoring points, dutifully avoiding “Indian” music clichés all the while."


"But just when you might think Ralston’s approach is going to be all noble native, he throws in honkytonk and a heavy metal rock guitar to give the score the thoroughly modern, and rebellious attitude of its young team members who go from zeroes to heroes. It’s this kind of constantly surprising depth and sense of sports adventure that will hopefully let “Crooked Arrows” fly Ralston straight, and deservedly into the big leagues with his terrific score that’s seemingly shot out of from nowhere."

The full review can be found at the Film Music Magazine's website here.  (  It is the third CD soundtrack reviewed down the page.