Trailer For THE RECE!PT Available & other info.

A trailer for the award winning short film THE RECE!PT has been posted at the film's website While the film itself is an homage to RUN LOLA RUN, the trailer is an homage/spoof of typical Hollywood "blockbuster" style movie trailers. Brian even composed new music specifically for the trailer to further help with the..."homage." TCF LogoIn other news for THE RECE!PT, the film has been specifically invited by HBO to screen at the first ever THE COMEDY FESTIVAL at Caesars' Palace Las Vegas, November 17-19th, 2005. This is an invitation only festival and HBO has invited what they believe to be the best comedy films from the year to screen.

Also...THE RECE!PT will screen at the St. Louis International Film Festival that same week in St. Louis, MO. November 10-20th. The specific screening time in St. Louis is Saturday, November 19th, 11PM. Shorts Program #6 - Tivoli Theatre #3. lot of traveling is in the works.