Upcoming Projects

Brian has a couple upcoming projects to announce. Continuing his collaboration with writer/director Tim Garrick, two more short films are about to be shot. The first, currently in pre-production, is another comedy short, again starring Kristen Bell called THE MOTEL SISTERS. The script is incredibly funny and has a lot of "white trash humor" which Tim, Brian and Kristen Bell are use to from their work on the musical SnEauX! The second short, also in pre-production right now, is called OPEN HOUSE and is a horror film based off of the first 15 minute opening of a feature horror script that Tim Garrick wrote. The story is set in the 1950s and is described as being "pretty messed up."

Both films should finish shooting by the end of the year and the composing of the music will begin after the film editing is completed, most likely in the January-February time period.